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Music Licensing Questions?

Manion Music has the answers.

Before designing Manion Music's restaurant collections, Ted Libbey, music critic for National Public Radio, put together two million-selling collections for Time-Life Music. Here he explains why Manion Music guarantees the most satisfying fine dining experience for your restaurant.

  1. Why are you starting with classical music?
    Music makes a difference. For instance, our Classical collections reflect a relaxed, sophisticated, classy ambience. It fits right in with your desire to offer your customers the best of everything - including music.

  2. What kind of music should I play?
    Well, if you want quick and constant turnover, play loud rock music. That's what researchers at Johns Hopkins University discovered when they measured the impact of different styles of music on restaurant customers. Classical music provided the "most satisfying" dining experience, and customers said they were "most likely to come back" to the restaurants with classical music. In retail surroundings, upbeat music, like our Jazz and Pop Grooves collections, keeps people moving - and buying. A lot of locations switch from our classical music to our Jazz collections when they're very crowded.

  3. Well, what if my bartender likes to play his favorite radio station?
    If you play the radio, you're leaving your customers at the mercy of the local disk jockey. What's more important, you will probably have to pay annual royalties to several music licensing societies to make sure you're covered for all the music you play. Even after you've spent all that money, you're not guaranteeing a pleasant music ambience to your customers - no matter how much it costs.

  4. Doesn't classical music all sound the same?
    No way. Part of what has made classical music the most popular music in history is its variety. Manion Music's Classical collections have more than 25 hours of music in a wide range of styles, all of it programmable. The selections are drawn from the cream of the classical repertory, from the music of composers the whole world loves. Our collections are simply the best music in the world. And they can be used to suggest several different moods. Customers can expand the breadth of the sophisticated ambience, without diluting the sophisticated atmosphere, by adding our Jazz and Cafe Moods collections to their repertoire.

  5. Why did you choose these particular pieces?
    They evoke feelings that go hand-in-hand with a pleasant dining and shopping experience - even in a doctor's waiting room. Music is the most expressive medium known to man, and since ancient times people have valued its ability to stir the emotions. Our music aims to ease away cares so the customer will enjoy the surroundings, stay longer, and spend more. The pieces harmonize with one another with an ease and flow that fit together like elements in a fine painting.

  6. How will I know what music to play when?
    We've arranged our collections in fifteen collections of five hours each. The Classical music begins with intimate, romantic composers like Chopin and Debussy that provide a quiet, peaceful ambience, and move through "middle of the road" sonatas and concertos to the bright, exciting pieces by Bach, Vivaldi, and others. Our Jazz collections have a mix of lively and more subdued selections. We have programmed the CDs so that you can change the "temperature" of the room by adjusting the mood of the music. You control it all. Your music can suit the hour of the day, speed up or slow down the pace of the action, and create a different environment for each special occasion.

  7. When I play my own CDs in my restaurant, I'm always reaching for the volume control -- they're either too loud or you can't hear them at all.
    Nowadays most popular recordings are designed for playback on expensive (and often loud) high-fi equipment. The booming crescendos and the whispering pianissimos sound great in that situation. As background music, though, they don't work: the highs startle your customers and can damage your speakers; the lows get lost. Manion Music is engineered specifically to be played as background music in a room full of people engaged in lively conversation. The louder passages are made quieter; the quiet passages are raised in volume, so that a seamless, consistent sound level can be maintained. Every Manion Music disc has exactly the same volume range, so you never have to touch your volume control unless you want to. You just set it, and forget it.

  8. It sounds great, but one of my restaurants has a jazzy atmosphere and I need that kind of music.
    Manion Music offers Jazz, Italian, Latino, Caribbean, Cafe Moods, Pop Grooves, and Christmas. Each collection is available on the same basis: you pay once, and it's Yours for Life®.

  9. What options do I have for playing Manion Music?
    You can use a CD player, an MP3 player, or even a high-end computer.

    Both USA and Worldwide customers can download our collections in high-quality MP3 format by clicking the "buy now" button next to your chosen collection(s) on our website. You will be taken directly to that item on ClassicsOnline.com, one of the world's largest and most respected music services, to purchase the music you have chosen.

    Once the music is downloaded, you can convert ("burn") it onto CD's and play it on a regular CD (Compact Disc) player -- there are several carousel models available worldwide at a very reasonable cost.

    You also have the option of using an "MP3 CD" player, which will hold more than five hours of music on one CD in the MP3 format. On that player, by choosing "random play," your patrons will always hear a fresh mix of the music.

    USA Customers have the option of receiving Manion Music collections on CD's (at a slightly higher cost) shipped from our U.S. headquarters. Those customers desiring physical CD's should contact us directly. Our quality Compact Discs have a long life expectancy, but rest assured, we will replace any that you manage to break at a very reasonable cost.

  10. If I use Manion Music, can I still play popular music like the Beatles?
    Only if you pay the public performance royalties to the owners (Michael Jackson's estate, in the case of most of the Beatles' repertory) or their licensing agencies (in the U.S., you should pay all three - they are called ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC). Manion Music customers will never have to pay for using our music again, but, if you want to play other copyrighted material, you have to pay royalties to the owners of that material.

  11. When do I receive Manion Music's Lifetime Performance License®?
    As soon as you download your collection, ClassicsOnline.com will inform our U.S. office and we will email your license directly to you shortly after your purchase. The license will include the name of your business enterprise (not your personal name), and the street address where it will be used. You may begin playing your music immediately. Remember, your ClassicsOnline receipt and your Manion Music Lifetime Performance License® are your guarantee that your music is legally "Yours for Life®." Enjoy!


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