Music Industry Searching For New Revenue Streams…

… but they won’t stop raising public performance royalties on restaurants, hospitality sites, and other commercial establishments.

“For the music industry, where revenues have been resurrected in the past few years thanks to streaming services such as Spotify, social media company deals present a new frontier in capturing royalties in a digital age,” says the Financial Times.

Could Your Music Royalties Go Up Even More? New York Times Says “Yes”

Copyright law in the  U.S. is different from the laws that prevail in other parts of the world.

When it comes to background music, royalties in the U.S. are paid only to the songwriters – that is, the folks who wrote the  lyrics and music – through their collection agencies, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC. Whether it’s Elvis singing “Love me Tender” or the local musician playing at your piano bar makes no difference.

According to this recent article in the the New York Times, that might change. In addition to the rates you already pay to the songwriters reps, the musicians and the labels distributing them want their cut too. That’s the way it works in the rest of the world, where total royalty payments are significantly higher than those in the U.S. Continue reading Could Your Music Royalties Go Up Even More? New York Times Says “Yes”

What’s the Difference between USA and Worldwide customers?

Manion Music carefully produces its collections to conform to copyright laws worldwide.

Our “USA Collections” are designed for use in the United States and its territories – customers can use it wherever U.S. law prevails.

You can confidently play our licensed “World Collections” anywhere in the world – they are valid for use in the United States as well.