Flying ‘under the radar’? Need Elvis? What you need to know…

If you need Elvis, or Michael Jackson, or Frank Sinatra, Manion Music can’t help you. But don’t try “flying under the radar” — playing unlicensed music. It’s illegal, and it’s expensive when you’re caught.

If you play your favorite music, be sure that you are paying ALL THREE of the Royalty Collection Societies listed on this page. They collect from commercial users, and pass on some of that money to some of the artists they represent. Composers and publishers often change from one to the other, so you’ll have to pay all three to be sure you’re legal.

If you don’t need Elvis — if you just want beautiful, legal music that’s selected, arranged, and recorded specifically for background use — then CLICK HERE to go to our music collections and sample some of our music.

Every Manion Music collection is licensed for life, so you’ll be assured of beautiful, appropriate music, free of worry, free of royalty bills, free of rising music costs.

Royalty Collection Societies:

Ascap   BMI    Sesac