Here are our shipping options for Manion Music CDs.

To choose your shipping option:

Add items to your cart.

Click “View Cart“.

Click “Calculate shipping” and fill in your info, especially your ZIP code.

For instance, here’s a New York ZIP code:

Click “Update totals”.

Now you can choose your shipping method.

For instance, here are the shipping options for a single CD, shipped to a U.S. State:

Note: your available shipping methods will change depending on your shipping address and the items in your cart.

For instance, if you have two sets, and you order a third, you’ll see a new option for Free Ground Shipping.

So if you add or remove items from your cart, be sure to double check that your shipping option is correct.

Domestic Shipping (Any U.S. State):

Flat Rate Ground Shipping

One or Two 5-CD sets have ground shipping to any U.S. State for: $10.

If you order three or more 5-CD sets, or a Premiere Collection (five 5-CD sets), you get free ground shipping.

Expedited 2-Day Shipping

$45 for all shipments in the U.S. This a single, flat price no matter how many CD sets you buy in a single order.

International Shipping:

For orders outside the U.S., we offer various USPS options for shipping. Make sure to follow the steps above to enter your shipping country, area, and postcode/zip, and you will see your USPS shipping options.

What if I get an error message about shipping?

If you see this message, you have a shipping error:

We cannot deliver your CDs without correct a shipping charge.

First, please check your address, especially the Postcode. If there is any error in the Postcode, your shipping cannot be calculated.

Almost always, the fix is as simple as entering the correct Postcode and clicking “Calculate shipping” again.

If this is not successful, please contact us.

We may direct you to add this manual shipping charge.

Other questions?

Other questions? Please contact us.